Amuletteとともに – まだ見ぬ色を探す旅へ。[PR]


Back in May, we traveled to Tochigi with Cartier to see new places, meet new people and pursue new experiences. We were really fascinated by this intriguing concept of the program and very excited about what was awaiting for us.  The weather was not so lovely on the day we we went on a day trip. It was poring rain until we made it to Niki Club where the event was held. It was our first time visiting Tochigi and we found that the prefecture has rich nature and unique culture. Niki club was outstanding. It was like an oasis in the middle of forest. What we loved the most was the architecture that takes full advantage of the space and nature.  There were huge windows everywhere and we could look over the beautiful greens. It made us feel deeply connected to the nature and brought us comfort. 


今回栃木の壮大な自然の中で、このCartierのイベントが行われたのは、都会の喧騒から離れ、緑濃い自然の中で五感を研ぎ澄ませ、アミュレットと共に深呼吸し、これまで見たことのない風景や色彩に出逢うためでした。アミュレット ドゥ カルティエのアミュレットとは、フランス語で「お守り」を意味します。お守りのように、願いや想いを込めて身につけられるというのがこのコレクションのコンセプト。自分の直感に任せて選んだジュエリーを見に纏い、自然の中に一歩足を踏み入れると、自然と見も心も解放されていきました。不思議なことに、ランチを終えた頃、突然太陽が顔を出したんです。まるで私たちの願いが届いたかのようでした。アミュレットの持つ不思議なパワーを感じたような気さえした、そんなスペシャルな瞬間でした。

We wore some favorite pieces from their Amulette de Cartier collection, an enchanting collection of colorful lucky pieces symbolizing a myriad of wishes and spent the entire day and released ourselves from the chaos of everyday life. That was the reason why Cartier took us to the forest of Tochigi. Surprisingly, the sun showed its face after lunch as if our wishes came true. That was most beautiful. We really loved the earthy smell after the rain.
A special thank you to Cartier Japan, WWD Japan and the rest of the Niki Club staff for the hospitality and warm welcome to Tochigi.